Camouflage? To Be or Not To Be: that is the question

This is elsewhere on my site but is important enough that I gave it its own page. I hope you get what I am trying to say here on this page. I know that there are some that might take offense, but don't.
Well now, lets go for a walk down the street and not attract attention to ourselves shall we?

Certainly people will respect us dressed up in camo and consider us cool, right?

Cool gear doesn't mean I am prepared, it just means I have my own style. What do you think?

The police won't confuse me if they see me dressed like this nor would anyone else, right?

I am certain that there wouldn't be any problem at all to go through a security check point in the event the National Guard or other security forces set up such a thing, right?

I blend in with everyone else so I won't stick out like a sore thumb among 'regular' folks', phew!

I could probably go on here, but I hope you got the point. There isn't much difference between the soldier in the photo and those who want to have it all tactical when they prepare their kits.

Camouflage has its place like for the army, not wannabee Rambo's. I am sorry but it just makes me think that many are fools in their thinking. If there was a TEOTWAWKI or SHTF situation, THEN camouflage might have its place there as well for 'regular' folks which most of us are, myself included.

Can there be legal ramifications for wearing BDU or some other sort of camouflage. It's up to you to know what the laws are where you live. You do not want to come off as impersonating someone who is in the military. You can get arrested for that, wouldn't you think? Think fake cop, you know, the ones with fake ID badges that stop motorists and pretend to be actual police officers?

The point is, anything can be twisted to make you look like a criminal, even if you can legally wear camouflage. Camouflage means military in the minds of the people in your neighborhoods. This commands respect when you see some military guy/gal, right? It is the effect it has, and people may say you are coming off as someone who is more than a regular civilian once they learn more about you.

It all depends who sees you and how you portray yourself. There are people who like to complain and cause trouble, right? Just don't give them an excuse to give you problems.

Ask yourself these questions, and honest reflection is required:
  • What is the REAL reason that non military people want to wear camouflage?
  • Why do these people want to have tactical knives, tactical this and tactical that as well?
  • Where permitted by law, why do these people want to carry guns to go with the camouflage?

Now don't get me wrong here, I understand that for some it is to have some fun, for others they see it as a real need for preparedness, others for the military, and others for hunting.

Just get your head screwed on right when it comes to emergency preparedness. You want to play in the woods that's one thing (but even then), but you need to be smarter in public areas including urban disaster scenarios. Tactical gear such as tactical backpacks, tactical vests and other things also leave an impression upon people including police officers.
Camouflage also seems to be 'the thing' for some as they prepare a wilderness survival kit. Do they even understand what they are doing? This isn't time to want to be camouflaged. You don't have to dress all in bright fluorescent green, yellow or orange for goodness sake, but at the same time if anything happens to you out there, well you'll blend right into your environment with your camo.

And it isn't enough to dress in all out camouflage, but all their equipment must be as well. The backpack, balaclava, their boots, their hat if they wear one, their paracord, their tarp or tent, as well as other things as well but in earth tone colors which are also more difficult to see. So what do you think?

You will not be able to see your own camp as well and under the right conditions can put yourself into a survival situation by essentially getting lost. If you drop something you might lose it for good as well. Perhaps it'll be your nice earth toned colored knife or paracord. Perhaps it'll be your firesteel or your military canteen?

Do you think that striking a balance might be better? You know, like not lighting up like a beacon but at the same time not trying to be a chameleon? Choose your colors AND equipment wisely.

At the very least have materials on hand to make it easier to be seen, and that includes something to wear. And yes if you have anything bright fluorescent green, yellow or orange that may just be what the doctor ordered for some situations.

Stay safe out there, and take care.


What NOT to Wear When Bugging Out After a Disaster!

This guy sums it up pretty well, for the urban scenario and wilderness side of it too.

He goes into his views on the U.S. governments response to hurricane Katrina that happened on August 29, 2005, as well as the right to bear arms in the States.

However, the part I want to utilize for the purposes of this page, is the camouflage mentality during disasters.

Look at the beginning and again at 9:45 in the video for the information if you are in a hurry.

72 Hour Emergency Kit List
Page (quotes)

"Another thing to keep in mind is the nature of the emergency. If there is a need to evacuate, and these kits are designed for that in mind, do you want to wear a bright red backsack with the words "Survival Kit" on it? It screams prepared to those who aren't and may attract unwanted attention to yourself. These kits certainly have some value, but I personally feel that making your own is better. Blend in by using colors that don't say tactical or I'm prepared. Use blue or black as an example.

The type of backsack/backpack or other as well may scream prepared, such as a kit surrounded by MOLLE attachment points. Don't go to either extremes such as going all out tactical or all out I am helpless and don't know better except I am prepared as well with my big bright red survival kit. Be the 'grey man'.

Keep the size under control as well. If you carry a very large mountaineering pack in the middle of the city where there is looting and muggings and all manner of lawlessness, you WILL be noticed."