Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Enhanced Improvised Explosives (CBRNe)

The purpose of placing the CBRNe section on my site is not to alarm anyone.

The photo to the left may not depict a very likely scenario, but it isn't impossible for a nuclear attack to occur.

We deceive ourselves if we think that it can only happen to other people or that the government has everything under control and that therefore there is no need to be concerned at all about this.

Be aware of what is going on around you (situational awareness), look at the news, listen to the government warnings that may be issued such as travel warnings.

Some people may want to take their own route to preparedness in disregarding the part of listening to the government, however not everything is a conspiracy for those who see conspiracies everywhere. Base your decisions for emergency preparedness in reality based on facts, not hearsay and other conjured up notions against everyone in authority.

I know that not all is perfect in our societies, governments, and globally speaking as well, but lets keep our heads screwed on right and prepare for what we can. There is a fine line between legitimate suspicion and rampant paranoia. Not all is bad, and the boogeyman isn't for real, meaning just understand the difference between fantasy and reality.

I have said before on this website, and I'll quote it here below, that:

“Emergency preparations is not about being paranoid, but being provident while sanely assessing the potential hazards that may occur in your area, and to prepare accordingly”.

We cannot always know what will happen or when and where if it does, so prepare for what you will most likely encounter in your area should an emergency situation present itself. When that is done, expand your preparations. Do this in a sober, non paranoid fashion.

In this world, there are “potential hazards” that may occur to us and our communities. Learn all you can and get going on your personal preparations. See it as an insurance policy that may save your life, and the lives of your family members as well. Have a look at Urban Preparedness for more info.

Also, by preparing in advance, you will be indirectly assisting the relief efforts. This is because you have made yourself self-sufficient and will require less attention from first responders who are already going to be overwhelmed while assisting others, including those who hadn't made preparations. Granted, whether one prepares or not, we all may need help at some time or other. However, preparing ourselves to meet the challenges we may need to face, is a wise decision. Do this one step at a time, inasmuch as you have the means to do so.

Here We Go...

I will give you a brief overview on the subject of CBRNe, and recommend that you complete your research through personal study. Use the links I'll provide you and continue expanding your knowledge from there.

In the 1950's the term ABC was utilized by nations around the world, and it stood for Atomic, Biological & Chemical. During the Cold War it was replaced by the term NBC, and it stood for Nuclear, Biological & Chemical. In the early 21st century that was replaced by CBRN, and it stood for Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear. And yes, this one was also altered, although CBRN is still utilized, to CBRNe. The “e” stands for explosives, more specifically Enhanced Improvised Explosives, or Improvised Explosive Devices (IED's).

There are also IND's (Improvised Nuclear Devices, up to about 10 KT in yield) and VBIED's (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices). There are also RDD's (Radiological Dispersal Devices) also known as Dirty Bombs, whereby radioactive material is dispersed over an area using conventional explosives.

The changes aforementioned reflect the concerns that nations around the world had to new emerging threats. The preparedness stages, as well as response and mitigation needed to be devised and revised in order to meet the new threats.

The methodology of the enemy, and given new technologies that have emerged and are utilized by terrorists of various kinds, both domestic and foreign, are also studied closely by governments in order to protect their citizens and countries.

If you are an American, you can find more info on the current status of your country by going to the National Terrorism Advisory System website. The National Terrorism Advisory System since April 2011 replaces the former Homeland Security Advisory System that has been in place since 2002.

CBRNe weapons and agents are often referred to as weapons of mass destruction (WMD). It may not always be the case however. Other weapons are also known as Weapons of Mass Disruption, for the intent behind the attack as well as the weapon itself isn't intended or capable of inflicting massive casualties (with exceptions of course), but to 'disrupt', to terrorize and instill fear into the populace and/or government, hence the word 'Disruption' instead of 'Destruction'.

Don't be fooled however, because these kinds of weapons are more easily created and deployed as would be larger, more powerful devices wherein more strictly controlled substances may be more difficult to acquire for the average terrorist group to obtain in order to create the bomb. Many deaths can occur with dirty bombs and the term 'mass destruction' can be utilized given the potential of great loss of life, however dirty bombs are not nuclear bombs therefore cannot inflict the same kind of casualties given similar conditions.

Remember that the 'CBRN' in 'CBRNe' isn't always related to a terrorist attack. It may be a chemical factory that had a leak or other incident or a train derailment. It may be a nuclear reactor incident in which radioactive material was released into the air and environment such as in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan due to the March 11, 2011 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that followed. Pandemics and endemics occur as well throughout the world every now and then. All these and other scenarios may play out as well.

Throughout the history of mankind, man has always at some time or other, for some reason or other, sought to maim, kill or otherwise disrupt the lives of those around them. They have often devilishly devised methods in order to obtain their objective, to more easily destroy, punish, subdue or conquer their fellow beings.

Governments throughout history have often been the culprits or instigators of this pain, and at other times it is by radical groups with their own agendas. These actions are very costly, in human lives, economies are stressed, and freedoms are lost.

With the advent of technology including the discovery of the atom, along with many other discoveries, has given a whole new dimension for waging war or terrorist activities. War is something to be avoided, whenever possible.

Those who terrorize people for the purposes of disrupting their economy, their personal liberties, and for any other like reasons is highly offensive. Unfortunately, this is the world we are living in, and none are completely shielded from these afflictions.


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