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Information on this site is provided for your benefit to assist you in preparing for times of emergencies. However, given the diversity and variables involved in any emergency, I do not provide any guarantees of any kind, nor for information contained on this website. Preparing for emergencies does not necessarily guarantee your survival or that of your family.

As a visitor to this website you agree to take full responsibility in how you utilize the information contained on this website. Links to external sites are provided for your convenience, and you have sole responsibility in the usage of content contained therein as well. EmergencyPortal.ca does not guarantee the accuracy or usefulness of content contained on external websites.

Please do not go any further if you do not agree with these terms, and please leave this website.


There is an inherent risk in practicing any survival skills, and you must take full responsibility for the use or misuse of information provided on this website. If you are not certain how to perform a task and that you would be risking injury or cause damage to the environment or other by attempting it, DON'T.

Enroll in a good survival school or ask someone who is experienced to teach you. Exercise great caution when using fire, a knife or other cutting edge. Do not place yourself in a dangerous situation such as going to a remote location to practice these skills.

Primitive shelters can be very flammable given the often dry materials used in their construction. Be careful about fire around these shelters!

If you are not of legal age to be considered responsible, I do not recommend you to practice what is on the pages of this website. This does not mean that the younger group shouldn't practice, but that they have a responsible person alongside them who knows what he or she is doing.

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To the fullest extent permitted by law, it is strictly forbidden to copy then use any information contained on this site for personal or commercial purposes, including photos and files, for use on any website or other mediums.

Files in the 'Downloads' section may be downloaded and printed for personal, non commercial purposes, but not for posting on another website or other mediums.

It has taken much time, effort and hours to provide you with this information. Please respect my rights and simply enjoy this website.

Also, see 'Disclaimer' above.

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I am appreciative of the time and efforts in the which individuals have put into creating videos. I know the feeling, because myself I have put a lot of my own work on this site. Your work (videos) assists others in communicating the importance of preparedness which this site is about. If for any reason you do not wish that a video of yours should be embedded on my site, please use the contact form below to inform me, and I will remove the embedded video.

Thank you.

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