Droughts and Famines

Meteorological phenomena such as El Niño and La Niña may cause droughts in certain areas of the world and wetter conditions in other areas. Droughts, war and other things can cause famines.

For a period of approximately 10 years during 1930s there was a period of drought that affected the central United States, which was dubbed The Dust Bowl. This drought had caused severe dust storms. Have a look at the Sandstorms & Dust Storms page for more information.

An example of the evil that government is sometimes capable of you'll see in Holodomor where an extermination by starvation order was given. A word of caution, some images are graphic.

1. Holodomor

There are many causes for famines, and this is only one of many times where corruption in governments have caused incredible suffering.

It is important to get our houses in order in all things to help prevent and have a better chance to survive if a famine hits us in our lifetimes.

I'll quote something I wrote on the Welcome page:

"Remember that if you have children they will learn from your examples. If you demonstrate the importance of preparing for times of emergencies they'll see it and will want to emulate you. Planning ahead for times of emergencies can save you and your posterity for many generations to come."

Dry conditions that endure over long periods of time parch the earth which renders it fruitless. Humans, animals, insects and other life forms can be severely hit by a drought.

Famine soon follows as crops fail, animals, insects and other are then eaten as well as whatever may be scrounged from the environment such as plants and trees to the point where there is nothing left to eat.

In severe cases of drought where no relief is afforded, people then resort to doing and eating things they would have never considered doing under normal conditions in order to survive. It is a sad story that has happened often during human history.

Beware of animals during a drought as they may exhibit more aggressive behavior. Remember, they want to survive to.

This is another reason to prepare. Have enough food, water and other provisions to sustain yourself and your family for as long as you can, preferably up to one years worth of supplies if you are able to.

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6. WorldVision - This is a good organization to help the poor, and I have sponsored in the past and can say it is worth it to sponsor. If you are so inclined have a look, thank you.


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