Farm Animal Emergencies

As for farm animals, they are your livelihood and as such have value to you, not to mention that these are living creatures and should be treated with respect. Taking some measures in advance will lessen the likelihood of losing your animals.

They are important to you so I'll give you some information to get you started and point you out as to where you can get more.

This is important and you should consider this as 'Business Survival'. Animals, as humans, need shelter, water and food as well as other necessities in order to properly function and survive.

If there is a barn fire, or an ice storm taking out the power grid, what would you do? Do you have another barn or a neighbor with a barn with room for your animals? How about transporting them out if it was a better option? Do you have a backup generator and fuel for at least a couple of days if the law where you are permits you to?

There are too many scenarios that can play out, and it is impossible to prepare for absolutely every contingency, however you can take some steps right now to prepare for what most likely may occur in your region and circumstances.

As with your own family preparations, you'll need to think it out and take actions for your livestock as well.

The videos on the right are among many you can find on YouTube that are great for ideas on how to get started, and that is the purpose of this page. The second video gives an example of having a kit for some horses.

The links here below will help you get the information that will help you to prepare:
1. Emergency Preparedness for Farm Animals - Get Prepared (Canadian Government)
2. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
3. Energy and Environmental Affairs - Massachusetts
4. The University of Vermont Healthy Farms - Healthy Agriculture


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