For Those Who Hesitate

Something for those who hesitate to reflect upon. I'll ask a question to those who hesitate. Why do you look both ways before crossing the street? Is it really necessary to look? You might be able to cross without looking both ways and make it safely to the other side.

If this is the case, then I ask again, 'Why do you look both ways before crossing the street?'. You may say it's because we were taught to look, or that it is because people can get injured or killed if they don't look.

Well, if you know better to look both ways before crossing the street, expand your vision and look at what can happen in life where it won't be a car or a truck that could hit you, but an earthquake, hurricane or other severe storm or other. It could be a house fire, or a fire in an apartment complex. Anything can happen, including a chemical spill if you live near a railroad track or a chemical plant. There are many other possibilities as well.

We pay for insurance to be protected against theft, fire and other things, and expect to be paid/compensated if something happens so that what we lost can be recuperated or rather, replaced. Preparations for times of emergencies is a sort of insurance policy, and you get out of it what you put into it. And remember that some things are not replaceable such as your loved ones.

Have a look at Sandy in the shelter she built in the photo above. She was adorable but since then has passed away. I miss her and this brings up that our pets are important to us as well, so please remember to put some things aside for them too.

As I said in another section of my site and I'll quote here below;

"Emergency preparations is not about being paranoid, but being provident while sanely assessing the potential hazards that may occur in your area, and to prepare accordingly."

So for those who hesitate, STOP hesistating and begin your preparations immediately. You'll be all the better for doing what Governments, aid agencies such as the Red Cross, and people who prepare have been saying for years now, and that is, PREPARE.

Unfortunately many will not be prepared when a disaster happens, and these people will need shelter, water and food etc. The government advises us to be prepared for at least the first 72 hours.

This is one of the reasons for a 72 hour kit. Longer is better because it may be longer than 72 hours before government can step in. Have longer term provisions and a Family Plan as well. Have a look at what happened with the hurricane Katrina disaster.

What do you think happens during the time of the onset of a large scale disaster to the time of relief by government and aid agencies, as well as throughout the disaster? I'll give you an idea, violence, looting, muggings and a general sense of fear for losing what we have. People become very possessive of what scarce resources they have and will protect it if others try to take it. Lives can be lost in such situations.

Other people are benevolent and share what they have. This is good, but a person's family should come first, and then if you are able to, help others. It depends on the situation. At the very least, don't be one of those who feel entitled to other people's food, water and provisions that they mindfully set aside for their families in case of disaster.

Now have a look at Greenleaves (Sandy's best friend) and how peaceful he looks! He is also adorable and I love him very much. Again, I'll bring up that our pets are important to us as well, so please remember to put some things aside for them too.

To continue, if you do not prepare, you may find yourself desperate and behave uncivilly towards those who are your neighbours. People in desperate circumstances may act out of desperation in order to survive.

Remember this, YOU ARE NOT entitled to another person's provisions, so please prepare and take care of yourself and family. Our well-being is our responsibility, not another's. Of course we need to help one another, but let's do our part and prepare.

I know things can appear challenging as well when it comes to preparing and putting things aside for a rainy day, because of a job loss or moving to another place or for some other reason. I know from experience and must get back to it myself. Life can hit us at times from all directions but we can make an effort, even if it is a little at a time.


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