Just some pointers when using my site that will greatly enhance your search for information:

  • Take the time to watch the videos on my site including to check out on YouTube the videos associated with the subject you are interested in.
  • Check out the links I provide on the various subjects found on my site, and go further in depth on any sites you find interesting.
  • Not many people mention it, but pray to God to assist you in your efforts.

I'll link to articles to so that you may learn the definitions below.

A - E

Cardinal points:

1. Wikipedia

Cryptosporidium parvum

1. Publications for Community Environmental Outreach

2. Wikipedia


1. Natural Resources Canada

2. Wikipedia

Ephemeris Data:

1. Garmin | Glossary

2. How-GPS-Works

F - J

Giardia Lamblia: 

1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

2. Wikipedia


1. Wikipedia

Isogonic Charts (Also known as Magnetic Charts or Magnetic Declination Maps):

1. Geological Survey of Canada

2. Mimi

K - O

Magnetic Declination:


2. Learn-Orienteering

Magnetic Inclination:

1. Wikipedia

2. The Free Dictionary

P - T

Scale (map):

1. Natural Resources Canada

2. Wikipedia

Sintering (You'll need to do extra reading to understand the process as it relates to a snow shelter such as a quinzee):

1. Backpacker

2. - Quinzee Building

Tinder Bundle:

1. Wildwood Survival

2. The Campfire (Hedgehog Leatherworks)

Have a look at the video page as well for more information.

U - Z

UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator

1. Natural Resources Canada

2. Wikipedia

Wind Chill Factor

1. Wikipedia

10 essentials

1. REI

2. Wikipedia


I know it might feel that you need to be an octopus with preparedness, so much to learn and do!

There are many acronyms that you will hear of while studying, such as BOB, BOL and EDC etc.

Have a look at the Terminology page for more information that will help you even further including for these acronyms.

It really isn't hard at all and it shouldn't be!

The acronyms and terms you sometimes see aren't what is really important here, but that you do the simple things that will help you and your family become resilient in the face of trials come what may.