This page is here simply to bring up the fact that there is such a thing as a Livestock Emergency Preparedness Kit.

I'll be brief in that I'll direct you to the Farm Animal Emergencies page should you be interested in learning more. The videos and the links are the main sources I have provided for the information you'll want.

As human beings disasters of all kinds may afflict us, so of course your farm animals can be afflicted as well. Therefore, even if you have a plan for your family it is important to take thought for your animals as they are most likely your livelihood and it is the right thing to do as well to protect them.

Pets must be taken care of as well. All too often you'll hear of people abandoning their pets during an emergency such as floods and hurricanes where evacuation is at times required. The animals are left to themselves, perhaps even tied up somewhere on a leash or in a cage? Leaving food and water around for them isn't the best solution either for different reasons. They should be evacuated.

You do NOT want to leave any of your farm animals (or pets) to potentially drown, burn, freeze, starve or otherwise suffer. A proper plan will enable you to deal with most problems that may come your way. There may be times that even with the best planning things don't work out like you'd want, but having made the effort beforehand will make you feel better knowing you did what you could, and perhaps the damage wouldn't be as bad in that event.

Have a look at the Farm Animal Emergencies page for more information as well as the Business Continuity page for business survival.

Here is a link that can be of assistance. Have a look at their pdf's!
1. The University of Vermont Healthy Farms - Healthy Agriculture


Tending to Livestock Trailers During Evacuations, provided by eXtension