Personal Survival Kit (PSK)

Prepared To Survive #2: Personal Survival Kit
These small portable kits that can be carried around in the city or the woods (as part of a multi-tier set-up) can be carried in many different ways, and not necessarily all in one container as you see at times.

For Personal Survival Kits you must, as with all kits, design it for YOU. Many people have different needs and personal tastes and their kits will reflect that. Have a look at the 72 Hour Kit List page for extra important points to keep in mind.
An important note here I'd like to make is that this kit with its components, may not serve you well and perhaps can do you more harm than good, it you lack the necessary knowledge and skills to perform with such a downsized kit.

Get wilderness trained by taking a course as an example. Then go out an practice so that you can be confident to have these skills when it matters most, especially under stress
Another point I want to make to you is that you should attempt to address as best as possible the elements of survival in your PSK (Personal Survival Kit also known as Pocket Survival Kit), given it's small size.

The terms EDC (Every Day Carry) and PSK (Personal Survival Kit) are sometimes used synonymously, however there are differences.

Some people like to use Altoids tins (photo above) to put their supplies in. This is a very small kit but if packed correctly can provide some help in time of need. Other containers of course can be used, and you are really limited only by your imagination.
An example is that you can have items in or on your:
  • Necklace
  • Wallet
  • Pouch
  • Pocket(s)
  • Watch
  • Wrist
  • Etc...

Important Note:

Remember that you can combine different methods as well to carry what you want. Anotherwords, you can have a wallet survival kit, necklace survival kit and keychain survival kit at the same time. It can be whatever you think works for you. Just try to keep it to a minimum.

However, I must stress that you need to know more and possess more skills with these sorts of kits, at least in general. There is a popular saying that, "the more you know the less you need to carry". The reverse therefore as I see it is, "the least you know the more you need to carry", and this is to compensate for a lack of skill-set and knowledge base.


Paracord Survival Necklace

Remember that the possibilities are endless, so make your kit YOUR kit.
I have written an article on using my PSK. Have a look here to see more.
Concerning an EDC (Every Day Carry), think PSK but a little larger and more equipped for slightly longer term scenarios and to carry, as the name implies, every day. PSK's are a sort of EDC as well in that these smaller kits you can more easily carry with you every day.