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Photo Credits

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OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb. -- Bellevue Officer Jim Bartley, gets pounced on by Leda, a Lavista Police Dog, during a routine joint training with Offutt handlers and military working dogs on April 10, 2007. Author: U.S. Air Force Photo by Josh Plueger. Source.

Note: Currently not in use.

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The explosion is The BADGER explosion on April 18, 1953, as part of Operation Upshot-Knothole, at the Nevada Test Site. Federal Government of the United States. And the city background photo is from

Crédits photos

Voici les références photographiques des photos utilisées sur Les photos originaux (page Les catastrophes naturelles) ont été modifiées pour créer les imagettes. La nouvelle taille est de 140 x 103.

Northridge Earthquake, CA, January 17, 1994. FEMA/Robert A. Eplett

2004 Tsunami, Krabi Province, Thailand (Wikipedia. David Rydevik)

Tornadoes in Alabama. Mark Wolfe/FEMA

Hurricane Katrina August 28 2005 NASA (Wikipedia).

Impact of a Storm Surge (Wikipedia)

During the late afternoon and early evening of April 3, 2004, this supercell thunderstorm dropped 2 inch-diameter hail over Chaparral, N.M. causing widespread damage (Wikipedia).

Original photo from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

New Orleans, LA, Tuesday, August 30, 2005. Marty Bahamonde/FEMA

A Powder Snow Avalanche (Wikipedia)

Wildfire in Bitterroot National Forest in Montana, United States, John McColgan (USDA)

A landslide that occurred in California.

Credit: U.S. Geological Survey. Department of the Interior/USGS

U.S. Geological Survey/photo by Jim Bowers, U.S.