Public Alerting Criteria

On this page you'll find a link to Environment Canada's website that will enable you to learn about their alert bulletin criteria.

Have you ever wondered what constitutes a blizzard, and when will an alert be issued? Information on many different weather hazards are given.

Public Alerting Criteria

Getting a weather radio can be a good way to get forewarning of potentially dangerous weather in your area, or in the area of loved ones that live in another region.

That can be particularly good if you have elderly members of your family who may have difficulty in dealing with these sorts of things who do not live in your vicinity. You can give them a call or have some other kinds of arrangements.

In many instances you may have the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) already integrated in radios you may already have, such as scanners, ham radios and FRS/GMRS radios as well. But as the guy in the video on the right, said, you have to manually turn them on to get the information.
If you can swing it, it is a good purchase to get one that you can plug in and leave it on standby 24/7.

Granted we have smartphones and computers that give us alerts, but radio technology under certain conditions will beat internet based devices.

That is why amateur radio is such a popular communications backup for emergencies. Other types of radios exist of course however amateur radio has proven itself time and time again.

If the power is out long enough, battery and generator backup systems may fail leaving the network unusable. The weather radio can have a battery backup integrated into it that uses off the shelf common batteries which might prove useful. If you decide to purchase one, do a decent research to get the best bang for your buck.

These radios can also be utilized to transmit messages other than for weather alerts as well, such as for water boil advisories. Check the services available in your area first before buying to be certain, if that sort of alert is of particular interest to you for your area.


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This is a good video to watch and he has some good ideas such as alerts can be set for other areas other than your own.