1. If you are in short supply of water and are hungry, what do you do in the time being?
Have something to eat;
None of the above.

2. In general, how much drinking water would an adult need per day during the month of July in the Boreal forest while doing moderate levels of physical activity? Approximately:
1 to 2 liters per day;
2 to 3 liters per day;
3 to 4 liters per day;
6 to 8 liters per day.

3. How important is food in comparison to water in a survival situation of short duration?
Not very important;
Very important;
None of the above.

4. What happens if you drink salt water?
Nothing, it is water and will quench your thirst;
It will cause renal (kidney) failure, and you'll dehydrate;
You'll lose your hair;
Your appetite will increase.

5. What is a vegetation bag?
A storage bag containing food that you collected while out foraging;
A method of obtaining water;
A method of obtaining food;
None of the above.

6. Assuming you are near a river in a survival situation, from least to best, which will give you the best nutritional value? Just a WARNING here: Be careful and know what you are doing when it comes to plants, fungi and insects or you could poison yourself!
Insects, Plants, Fungi, Game, Fish;
Fungi, Plants, Fish, Insects, Game;
Plants, Fungi, Insects, Fish, Game;
Fish, Plants, Insects, Fungi, Game.

7. What does pre-filtering mean when collecting water for consumption, as an example from a stream?
Use a microfilter, then boil the water;
Use a chemical solution for rendering the water potable, then filter it to be certain that no remaining sediment is present;
Filter any sediment from the water that has been collected before proceeding to further prepare the water for consumption;
None of the above.

8. If your situation requires you to seek options to acquire food, and trapping seems to be a viable solution in your circumstances, which of the choices offered here below is generally the best?
Place a trap on an animal trail;
Place a trap and a snare on an animal trail;
Place traps on animal trails;
Place traps and snares on animal trails.

9. What is rock boiling? Just a WARNING here: be careful when heating rocks. Know how to choose them because when heated they may explode!
Boiling rocks to extract water content;
Using pre-heated rocks to bring water to a boil;
Using rocks with boil-like features on them in order to make water potable;
None of the above.

10. Lets say that rabbit hunting is going very well for you. Now, what happens to you if your diet consisted only of rabbit meat?
You'll become fat, which in turn will make it more difficult for you to do all of the tasks that a survival situation demands;
Rabbits eaten in abundance will give you gas;
You'll eventually starve to death due to a lack of essential vitamins and minerals;
None of the above.

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