1. What is a compass?
A primitive device that is no longer relevant given the advent of GPS technology;
An instrument that emits magnetic fields that will enable you to navigate;
A precision instrument utilized in navigation that should be considered a mandatory piece of equipment in every kit;
All of the above.

2. In order to navigate to your intended location, which is the correct statement or term to use when attempting to find the value in degrees on a compass?
Take a bearing;
Take an azimuth;
Take an angstrom;
None of the above.

3. What is the name of the part of a baseplate compass that has the degree markings engraved called?
Azimuth dial;
Bezel ring;
All of the above.

4. What does 'aiming off' mean?
Compensating with right angles and pacing around terrain features to avoid lateral deviation;
Intentionally adding or substracting 5 or 10 degrees from the azimuth and walking that heading;
Taking a bearing and walking off diagonally towards the general direction of the objective;
None of the above.

5. What is magnetic declination?
The angular difference between the compass needle and the magnetic pole;
The angular difference between grid north and true north;
The angular difference between magnetic north and true north;
None of the above.

6. In the Southern Hemisphere with the exception of a few times during the year for latitudes between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, when it is 12:00 pm, your shadow will be pointing in which general direction?

7. Which star can help you to find north in the Northern Hemisphere?
None of the above.

8. How many degrees of arc is there for every hour on this earth? This is important to know when navigating without a compass.
1 degree;
15 degrees;
60 degrees;
360 degrees.

9. The parallel squiggly lines on a topographic map are called:
Context lines;
Convex lines;
Contour lines;
None of the above.

10. What does a scale of 1:50000 on a map represent?
For every 50000 units on the map it represents 1 unit on the ground;
This scale is representative of the difference between the photo taken by the aircraft in order to make the map and the map itself;
For every unit on the map it represents 50000 units on the ground;
None of the above.

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