1. If you left an itinerary (trip plan) with two trustworthy people before heading out, not on a marked trail in this example, but out in the great outdoors utilizing navigational techniques, and then an emergency situation occurs, why bother signaling?
No bother, your contacts will send you some help;
Search and Rescue teams know what they are doing and will find you;
Airplanes have a good vantage point while flying overhead and therefore they cannot miss your location;
None of the above.

2. What is the international ground to air emergency distress signal using fires?
5 fires in a triangle;
9 fires in a triangle;
3 fires in a straight line;
3 fires in a triangle.

3. Using sound to attract attention to ground search and rescue personnel, which of the following is best?
Yelling until your voice becomes hoarse;
Blowing a whistle;
Clapping your hands;
All of the above.

4. How many flashes of light, whistle blasts or other is considered part of an international distress signal?

5. For the Gound to Air Emergency Code, what does 'X' stand for?
X marks the spot;
Require Assistance;
Require Medical Assistance;
None of the above.

6. For the Gound to Air Emergency Code, what does 'V' stand for?
Require Assistance;
Require Medical Assistance;
Proceeding in this Direction;
None of the above.

7. Using fire as a means to signal your presence, choose the best option below.
Smoke by day and by night;
Fire by day and by night;
Fire by day and smoke by night;
Smoke by day and fire by night.

8. In order to create a lot of smoke, which of the following would be best?
Throw ferns on a simple campfire;
Throw wet ferns on a log cabin fire;
Simply create a fire, and pour a lot of water on it;
All of the above.

9. If you are a lone survivor, what should you normally try to avoid?
Sleeping during the day;
Being prepared to signal at all times, within reason;
Sleeping during the night;
Having the necessary materials on hand for the signal fires.

10. Normally speaking, what is the advantage, or is it disadvantage of roaming survival when it comes to signaling?
Being on the move makes it easier to set up your signals;
It is normally more difficult for signaling in a roaming survival scenario;
Being on the move means that search and rescue will more likely cross your path;
Signaling isn't necessary in a roaming survival scenario.

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