Survival 101

Welcome to the quiz page! There are several quizzes to choose from. Check it out and see how good your knowledge of survival is.

All quizzes are 10 questions each. This is how you'll fair depending on your score as indicated here below.

A score of:

1 to 3: means you're probably going to have a miserable experience out there! Study up on the subject, and practice, practice, practice!

4 to 6: means you still have much to learn. Brush up on your knowledge and as always, practice learning skills!

7 to 9: Not bad at all, but there is still room for improvement. Keep at it and you'll have more confidence.

10: Perfect score, great! Keep up the good work!

Elements of Survival

Attitude or Psychology of Survival




Acquisition of Food and Water



Of course this is just for some fun, but will still give you a clue as to where you are in your knowledge of survival. There is a lot more knowledge that a person will need to be properly prepared than what you'll find in the quizzes, but hey, have fun while learning and this is what these quizzes are all about.


Have a look at the Elements of Survival, also known as Survival Priorities, for more information to get you started.

Some questions will require that you think 'out of the box'.