Relocation and Evacuation

Have a plan to relocate if necessary with supplies available, should an event be of long duration, and if you do not want to be herded like sheep into an overcrowded shelter.

The home of a friend or family member outside of your region can be your second place to go.

Have a plan with at least one backup to be able to go to your second location. Plan the routes (with backups), in general avoid major highways, and practice your plan.

Remember that a part of your journey may be on foot, so always have some good footwear for all members of your family available at all times.

Have clothing suited for the changing seasons as well. Clothing is your first line of defense against the elements.

Remember that the authorities may require you to leave, therefore have a radio handy to be able to receive all the latest news including what is expected of you. Should you need to evacuate, you'll be glad to have made advanced preparations.

Bug Out Vehicles (BOV)

As for a Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) you have a wide selection available. It depends on what you think you will need and how much vehicle you can afford.

Obviously 4 x 4's and all-wheel drives have some advantages over other vehicles. However, you need to know how to correctly handle vehicles with these types of transmissions.

You also have to look at gas mileage as well as size, ease of use and also from a mechanical perspective, is it easy to repair on the road for small and normally simple repairs? You don't want something that is too large as well.

Even if you have good tow capacity you should consider traveling light (no trailer if possible) because you may wound up a target for looters or that you may have to leave a lot of your gear behind in the event that you must leave your BOV and go by foot. It is also because it is much more difficult to manoeuver around traffic and other obstacles with a trailer.

If you have to go on foot, make certain that you have kits already packed with the essentials to get to your Bug Out Location (BOL).
This is the time to consider as well a backup BOV such as a motorcycle, or a bicycle. If you have a family this may be more difficult due to space restrictions.

Depending on your location and what you may have to face on your way out of a city or rural area, you can equip your vehicle as needed such as with a snorkel for shallow river crossings or if YOU want to risk it, a washed out road. SEE Warning below.

Now I must give a disclaimer here, and it is this, that it is inherently dangerous to cross any waterways INCLUDING washed out roads for several reasons. For one thing, how deep is it? How fast is the current if any? Is the asphalt washed out under the water and is there a big hole you'll get hung up in? Is the water electrified due to downed power lines if it is the case? Fast moving water can wash your vehicle away and you can drown with your family!

I do NOT advocate crossing any flooded out roadways or rivers. In fact the authorities and myself included warn you to avoid doing so. However, that being said I know that people may think to cross in such conditions especially since snorkels exist for the purpose of crossing deep water, so it is up to you to take full responsibility for your actions.

Bug Out Locations (BOL)

As for Bug Out Locations, the decision is yours in that you know if you own a secluded cabin or a friend of yours has one, or if you want to go to a friend or families house in the event you must leave your home.

Heading for the hills isn't the greatest of ideas for many reasons. Consider your actions carefully with this one.

A lot of people intend to stay home in the event of an emergency and that is ok as well. Not everyone can leave due to several factors.

Perhaps a loved one cannot travel due to health issues. Perhaps a loved one works for the government such as a police officer, a fireman, or a paramedic and must remain to perform his or her duties in a disaster situation.

If you have a neighbor that is someone that must go to work in a disaster, consider lending a helping hand to his or her family while they are out helping others and cannot be there for their family as they would like to. I am certain that your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Getting to your Bug Out Location (BOL) with your Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) or on foot, is potentially going to be a challenge, perhaps even impossible due to unforeseen circumstances. This is another reason for people to stay home, and stick it out there instead of risking other problems out there.

The decision of where and when to go, even if you will leave your home, is up to you and it might be a challenge to determine what is best for yourself and your family.

Survival Caches

Survival caches are for the purpose of assisting your family and perhaps friends to make it from the area of disruption and insecurity to an area outside (if possible) of the affected zone, to get to relative safety.

In your cache you can put all kinds of things, such as food rations and other supplies in the event you run out of supplies (or have run out) on the way to your Bug Out Location (BOL). This way, you have a resource available to you only, provided you secure it.

Geocaching might give you some ideas on site selection, as well as taking note of the location so that you may actually find your cache :)

Some people hide their caches in wooded areas, but I obviously cannot here recommend anything illegal, so please don't do that just because I mention it here that some people do. Obey the laws in your area. If you know someone who owns land perhaps they can give you permission to use the land.

There are other ways to place caches such as someone else's home that is on your planned route or not too far from it, or even a storage locker with 24 hour access. Beware that break-ins and theft may occur at storage locker locations in an emergency. Have your key in your kit or on your keychain if you take this option! Arriving there and finding out you forgot the key will at the very least tick you off.

Remember that a cache is a re-supply, a kit and a replacement for missing or damaged items along the way during a Bug Out (BO).


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Planting A Survival Cache - Bug Out Survival

EmergencyPortal here: Place items in the cache that you feel you would need according to the circumstances you think you may be in, and remember the Elements of Survival.

The cache is like a kit, and you need to tailor it for your tastes and needs. I don't drink coffee, she does given she stocked it in her cache. So if I were to ever make a cache, I would place something else. Keep it simple. Don't put things that would require cooking as an example, and store things that have a multi-purpose to them whenever possible.

Caches can be made from a large PVC pipe as well, with the ends closed and sealed off making it watertight BUT difficult to open so keep that in mind with PVC caches.