Renewable Energy

Hydro electricity is plentiful, but often expensive and damaging to the environment. Many people are seeking to lower their energy bills by turning to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal energy.

Others are attempting to go completely off grid which is much more involved than only going part way to lessen your dependency on your hydro companies electricity.

This also requires a change in the way you do things as well as for the appliances you will use in order to avoid wasteful use of the energy available and to avoid unnecessary and potentially expensive upgrades.

The costs of implementing a supplemental or alternative energy source can potentially be staggering if you go about it the wrong way. Some people think that you must go all out new for solar panels and have the whole system installed by professional people only. However solar panel installation can be a DIY project for simple installations.

Here are some links so that you may have a look at alternative energy sources as a means to become more self-reliant. The link descriptions were taken from Google.

Solar Sphere

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Renewable energy and self-sufficiency.

Solaroad Technologies Group

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How to Solar Power Your Home / House #1 - On Grid vs Off Grid
Please have a look at the video entitled "Communications When the Grid Goes Down" on the Emergency Communications page for info on a simple solar panel setup the guy uses for different things.