Teaching a Child To Call 911

There are  important skills to teach your children, and one of them would be to teach them how and when to call 911 in an emergency.

Children have called and helped save lives because they were taught what to do.

This also helps them to avoid feeling powerless in an emergency, such as a family member that collapsed in the home.

Here are some links to help you to learn more on preparing your children to call 911.

Teaching Kids to Call 911

1. KidsHealth

2. About.com

Other skills that would be beneficial for them to learn has to do with a wilderness setting. It has happened before and will happen again: A child is lost in the woods.

Preparing them in advance with some knowledge and simple skills, with a small kit when camping or hiking can greatly increase the chances of survival for smaller children who get lost.

Please have a look at the Preparing younger Children page for more information.

Most people I believe have heard of the Hug-A-Tree program that teaches young children to avoid getting lost in the woods, and to know what to do if they are lost. Please have a look here for more information on this important program.

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Little girl face by Steve Hillebrand, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


Easy As 9-1-1
Whether it is a smartphone or a home phone (landline), children can be taught to call 911.