Ultralight Backpacking

On this page you'll get some information on ultralight backpacking. This is something that I wish I would have been able to do years ago instead of hauling 50 lbs +/- on my back.

Some people have packs weighing in around 12 lbs +/- and seek to lower the weight even further. I personally wouldn't mind to keep it around 25 lbs +/- to avoid counting every gram in the pack and avoiding missing anything I want to have with me.

When I had went out for a month off-trail, I had around 35 lbs in my pack. I used a fallen over small tree for a walking stick. Regular trekking poles wouldn't have worked in the environment I was in because it was just too crazy for that.

The gear can be homemade, available in nature such as making tent stakes out of sticks, or commercially purchased that can at times can be expensive such as with lightweight down sleeping bags. You need to determine as with regular backpacking what you will eat, how you will cook your food and eat it, what your shelter will be, what clothing you will bring, how much and what kind of first aid items as well as other things including the pack to carry it in.

I had made a simple utensil from a branch I carved out to eat some canned meat I had while out at some point. Normally try and avoid cans, however if you'll get a good return on investment in carrying them, you can. That is, that the value of the meat is greater than the challenge of the extra weight with cans and packing them out. Just don't overdue it.

At another time, after finishing a hike I'd spoken with a guy who had done the same trail, and he had told me that he had about 60 lbs or so on the hike with a bunch of cans he'd brought. He knew what he was doing in that he was in good shape and knew about the extra weight but was willing to haul it because he wanted the food and was able to carry it. I was carrying around 54 lbs on the hike (no cans) and had trekking poles as well that as far as I am concerned, had carried their own weight given I knew how to use them properly.

There are sites that deal specifically with this topic and can help you further to know how they go about lowering their pack weight as well as the challenges that may come with it.

Here are some links on lightweight backpacking. The link descriptions were taken from Google.

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