Urban Preparedness

What it boils down to is to take responsibility for yourself and for your family, in taking the time to prepare for emergencies that may occur in your region. Budget and plan it out carefully, and there is no need to go into debt to do this.

Keep it simple, because if you complicate your preparations with too many details, your plans may be that more subject to failure.

All members of your immediate family must be aware of the particulars of the Family Plan, as well as anyone else invited to participate in your preparations, be it a neighbor, or other person you feel is trustworthy.

Knowing ones neighbors and those with whom you associate with will empower you in your preparations. However, expect in some cases resistance from people, whether family members or other individuals you have planned to include in your Family Plan as you attempt to instill a preparedness mindset within them. Many may be complacent to varying degrees, so be patient.

This complacency in part stems from our relatively stable power grid being there day and night, that gives us our feeling of normality and stability. However, if the power goes out because of an emergency, that normality and stability is thrown out the window to some degree or other.

The extent of disruption in one’s life will depend on the nature of the emergency at hand, as well as your level of preparedness, or lack thereof. Couple this with any injuries sustained, particularly if they are potentially life threatening, and you have a recipe for fear, stress and panic, which will inevitably worsen your situation to say the least.

Another reason for this complacency is the idea that the government (local or other), has everything worked out, and that it'll all work out should an emergency happen. In 2008, I visited a conference on civil security called Colloque sur le bénévolat en sécurité civile 2008 which was held in Drummondville Quebec. The representative from the Quebec government clearly mentioned that the government does not have the resources to do it alone. We must prepare ourselves as well.

The government will do what it can, but it may not be enough. We must remove the idea that the government will wipe away our tears and make it all better.

You can download a pdf file in the download section called LDS Preparedness Manual that contains much information on various factors such as food storage, supplies and other important things involved in preparations. Have a look AVOW website for more info on the manual.

If you are interested in a step by step training course to help you prepare for urban emergencies click here.


The internet is a great resource for information on preparations, but be aware that there is some contradictory information out there. Do your research, and consider your preparations as a sort of insurance policy that will pay back for your efforts should the worse happen. The mind is one of the most powerful tools in a survival scenario, and coupled with knowledge and a good kit, will give you an edge that is priceless which will bless you and your family.

Remember, that if you take no thought for your well being and if a disaster happens, you will regret it in some form or another. The great thing is that it is not too late to take action right now.

First Aid Certification

As part of your preparations, I invite you to become first aid certified, which may alleviate if not eliminate problems concerning injuries, depending on their nature. If the injuries are severe enough to warrant professional help, you may at least be able to stabilize the injured person until professional help can be found.

Have a look at the Links page of my website, where you’ll find first aid course providers. It isn’t that expensive, and may take two days to accomplish, but you’ll never regret it. Knowledge and preparations dispels fear. You will also find more info concerning first aid here.


LDS Preparedness Manual

LDS Preparedness Manual contains information from several authors all compiled into one.

You'll find a lot of information on food storage, supplies etc. Have a look at AVOW website for more info on the manual.

Emergency Preparedness Evaluation-Urban Survival Part 1/4

Food Kit for Disaster Preparedness
Interesting info, please click here if you want to download her free booklet.